Possibility & Impossibility (kemungkinan & ketidakmungkinan)

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Menyatakan Kemungkinan Menanyakan Kemungkinan
I think there is possibility to …
I sassume/believe…
In all probability,…
it is going to be possible for me to…
that will probably …
it’s quite possible … Do you think he/it could…?
Would you say we’re capable of…?
Are you capable of…?
Are you able to…?
Do you have any experience of…?
Can you…?
Do you know how to…?
Do you think you can…?

Expressions for Discussing Possibilities
• Would there be any possibility of …?
• Do you think we are capable of …?
• Would it be possible for (somebody) to …?
• I think that would be possible ….
• Is it possible to …?
• Yes, there is a possibility ….


1. Several ways of indicating possibility are:
It’s possible that he’ll win the game.
There’s a possibility of his winning the game/ that he will win the game.
possibly he hasn’t heard the news yet.
There is a good chance that …..
There is a little chance that …..
It is impossible
Probably She is on the way
May be he needs more time
She might not be at home

2. Expressions used to ask possibility or capability of doing something are:
Would there be any possibility of …..?
Do you think we are capable of ….?
Is it possible for me to …?
Are we capable enough to …?
3. Expressions to show capability are :
I’m capable of doing it
I can do it
There is a chance that I can do it.
I’m able to do it
I have the ability to do it.
4. Expressions to show incapability are:
I can’t do it
I’m not sure I’m capable of doing it.
I don’t think I have the ability
I don’t feel capable of doing it
I don’t know how to do it.

By; Matrix MA Ummul Quro


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