Embarrassment & Annoyance (Ungkapan rasa malu, kejengkelan)

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Embarrassment Annoyance
I am embarrassed
I feel ashamed
Oh my God
Shame on me
I don’t feel comfortable
I feel awkward I am annoyed
I had enough with it
I can’t bear it any longer
You made me annoyed
You are such a pain in the neck
You made me sick

There are some other expressions you can use to show your annoyance.
Formal Situations Informal Situations
I’m extremely displeased with …
… is very irritating.
I’m extremely unhappy about this. … really makes me mad.
I cannot stand …
Why on earth he didn’t …?

There are some other expressions to show embarrassment, such as:
In Formal Situations In Informal Situations
Formal Situations Informal Situations
What an embarrassment!
I must say that it’s an embarrassment.
That’s a real embarrassment. What a shame!
It’s my embarrassment to …
I was so ashamed.

16. Request (permintaan)

Request Acceptance Refusal
Would it be possible for you to
Would you be so kind as to
Would you…,please?
Would you mind …?
Any chance of…
Can you…? I should be delighted to come
By all means
I have no objection
I’d be happy to
No problem
Mmm I regret to say that we find ourselves unable to go
I’m afraid it’s not possible
I’m afraid not
No, I won’t
Not likely
You must be joking



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